The Law's Reach Extends

with the Future

Is our legislation prepared for continual revolutions
  which technology bring?
Starting a Business?
   Simplify Fundraising
All you want to know about crowd-funding

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Open up a creative portal to medicine and work in life
A future to look forward to: telemedicine, telework, distance education and more

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What characterizes a civil society?

The election and legislative process can be brought closer to citizens to create a safe and worry-free digital lifestyle

How can we harness the power of the people via the Internet in our digital age?

How can we prevent cyber bullying and online fraud to achieve greater online security?

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How can we utilize the internet's far-reaching influence to create more space for imagination in this era of digital living?

We hope to hold a comprehensive discussion of related issues, which is why we are calling for a work force on each proposal to formulate a legislative draft.

As an experiment on public participation in policy formation and transparency in the policy making process. Each topic will be divided into a four stage process :
discussion, suggestions, draft and finalization.