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Online conference Part 10 titled “Online Alcohol” is scheduled for March 31st

線上諮詢會議Part 10:網路賣酒預計將於3月31日登場


The 10th online conference for the Virtual World Law Adjustment Program will be held at the Executive Yuan on March 31st, 2016 at 7 pm. This conference will be podcast live on LivehouseIn! (Please visit the Platform’s latest news for updates on conference times)


With the proliferation of online and electronic shopping in recent years, and continual innovations in transaction methods and forms, online shopping corporations and companies within the alcohol industry have continually suggested the possibility of online alcohol. Thus, “online alcohol” is the main discussion topic for this conference. How should regulatory measure be implemented in real life and online to prevent minors from obtaining alcohol products? The conference discussions will focus on opening up online alcohol on a trial basis. Relevant ministries, scholars, experts, social network participants and the Executive Yuan’s Youth Advisory Group have been invited to take part in the conference. Views and opinions of the general public regarding this issue are now being collected via the polis questionnaire system. We invite all interested parties to browse this poll and share your opinions with us.

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